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As a coach, I have the mission to provide my clients with training programs that bring them closer to their goals as efficiently and safely as possible. The integration of neuro-athletics into functional training raises this standard to a new level.
Tina’s Kraftletics integrates exactly these two training methods in an intelligent way and the result is a training concept that can be used for group classes as well as in 1:1 training and which not only brings better results but is also really fun. This allows me to offer my clients added value in the short and long term and to differentiate myself with a unique method.I attended the Kraftletics course live in Cologne and it was my best course experience. Tina explains complex neurology in a way that is easy to understand, and through the pronounced practical parts I not only learned a lot for my clients, but also about myself.
Vanessa Klaas
Fitness & Neuroathletics Coach
As a trainer with 18 years of experience, I can only say, that I am truly impressed with what Tina has achieved. The most recent neurological science, systematically implemented into a training program that covers all essential aspects to increase human function, well-being and movement.
Her Kraftletics Seminar is something I really recommend to any trainer trying to get a fundamental understanding of human function regarding movement and the development thereof in rehabilitative, functional and performance focused ways.
I have learned a ton in an easy to understand way, despite the complex nature of the content delivered.
Being also a lifelong athlete in various team-sports and martial arts, therefore used to the challenges of training for sports that require plenty of skills, physical and mental adaptability while delivering a lot of joy and excitement, I was very surprised and even happier to experience that whole package in a gym environments class setting.
I would not have expected that to be possible.
For every recreational athlete with or without looking for performance gains I highly recommend to try a Kraftletics class.
Neither as athlete nor as a trainer have I experienced anything like this before and loved it.
A bonus is Tina’s masterful way of coaching accompanied by her loving kindness she brings when delivering her art.
Jaz Mulic
Jasmin “Coach Jaz” Mulic
Owner of fitness die funktioniert!
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