KRAFTLETICS® – Strength & Programming

Applied neurology to more efficiently gain strength and optimize strength transferability. Advanced programming to balance the risk of injury and training intensity. Add to cart

KRAFTLETICS® – Training Culture

Separate yourself from the others by fostering a unique and effective training culture with a differentiating psychosociological approach. Create a training place that your clients and athletes love to keep coming back to. Add to cart

KRAFTLETICS® – Coaching Skills

A coaching method based on optimising motor learning to bring your clients faster results. Practice and gain a unique blend of coaching skills to efficiently and effectively lead individual and group training sessions. Add to cart

KRAFTLETICS® – Neurology Foundation

Applied neurology for functional training and programming basics to optimize training transferability and increase longevity for life and sports. Neuro-functional warm-up to optimally prepare for training and reduce pain & risk of injury. Add to cart

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